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The MITEX team consists of a group of R&D staff who have worked long-term in the domestic first-tier blockchain manufacturers.

MITEX is our own product. Its main purpose is to effectively manage customer cryptocurrency assets, provide merchants with third-party payment options, and allow customers more easy to establish encrypted channels at MITEX.

Our R&D personnel are senior from R&D security company and have high requirements for account, interface, and fund security. Everybody will access the API in the later period, and gradually realize this point in the later use process.

If you need our help or have cooperation intentions, please contact our customer service directly.

Our Advantage

  • The first-line big factory senior R & D personnel with technical skills, secure and reliable.
  • Senior product manager of first-tier makers, higher requirements for experience
  • Extremely low usage threshold, lower than the fee for various blockchain management and trading platforms, helping personal entrepreneurship
  • Have a never satisfied heart. Continuous update iteration, excellence