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The leading global blockchain web-pay solution

The Flow of Payment Module

The entire process will takes around 1 business day (main workload is API access)

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You can first understand our payment service process and API documentation on the home page. If you satisfied just Register.

IPN URL & IPN Secret

IPN URL is your callback URL and will be automatically notified to your callback URL when the user pays the payment

IPN Secret is the callback synchronization password you set. After the user completes the payment, it confirms whether the synchronization password between the two servers is correct and improves the security of the API.

Generate Your Own API Key

Before starting to use the payment service, go to my profile - "API Settings" Create your own API key

After creating the API key, remember that you must click Edit permission to enable the instructions in most API commands

Connect API

The main purpose of the API is the exchange of order information and payment notifications between the two servers. Please see Preparation & API Document

The payment page is adjusted by your website. After the user pays the payment, we will automatically notify you of the callback URL and jump the user to your sync jump URL to complete your follow-up business logic.

Officially Activated

After the access is completed, it can be officially enabled.

Please ensure that the payment interface is used for legitimate purposes, and we also have a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the payment interface is used legally.

Fully Enhance Corporate Value

MITEX full-flow payment service provides encrypted digital currency payment solutions for individuals and enterprise users around the world, quickly builds transaction systems, mature blockchain payment technology, one-click integration of tedious payment interfaces, coverage of all transaction scenarios, and efficient access Into the companys ability to pay, build a safe and reliable infrastructure, and fully enhance the value of the company.

Years of Blockchain Application Technology Precipitation

Committed to the development of cryptocurrency hosting and payment services, developer friendly payment module, assist enterprise adapted to blockchain market.

Comprehensive Access Scenario

To create the best cryptocurrency payment module interface. Website, mobile app, and games can be applied for receiving payment, the most promising cryptocurrency market payment system.

High Security and Risk Management

Distributed cloud platform architecture, with a high-level disaster recovery system, both high availability and disaster recovery capabilities; comprehensive monitoring alarms, 99.99% system high availability, powerful protection of user payment security.

All Scenes

Provide payment access solutions for smooth transactions in various scenarios